Shiatsu is a manual therapy, originally from Japan, which finds its inspiration in the long and rich oriental medical tradition. Literally shiatsu means 'pressure with the fingers'; targeted pressure and conscious touch stimulate the life energy (ki) present in you to start flowing again freely. The self-healing capacity of your body is addressed, it helps your body and mind to regain balance and to work together in harmony. Shiatsu brings you back to yourself, your basis, your nature.

The treatment
A shiatsu treatment takes place on the ground, on a thick cotton futon. Shiatsu is given through the clothes, that is why it is nice if you wear loose-fitting (preferably cotton) clothes as a recipient. It is wise not to eat too much before the treatment and give yourself some rest afterwards. A treatment takes about one hour.

Often, as part of the treatment process, I include additional exercises that you can carry out yourself at home, as well as advice in the area of nutrition and lifestyle.

Shiatsu is for everyone, from young to old, from purely physical complaints to more energetic.
Shiatsu is effective for many complaints, including fatigue, burn-out, RSI, neck, shoulder and lower back complaints, tension and depression, sleeping problems, headaches, menstrual problems, skin irritations, digestive and respiratory problems.

At Shiatsu | Pregnancy you can read how shiatsu can provide support before and during pregnancy as well as during and after labour.

The effect of a shiatsu treatment can often be sensed for a long time. A period of two to three weeks between treatments is perfect for monitoring the balance, depending on the nature and severity of the complaint. An advanced stage of, for example, RSI or a burn-out, requires more frequent treatment. This type of complaint is often built up over many years, and also needs time to be slowly phased out.

You don't have to suffer from anything to benefit from shiatsu. A treatment strengthens your condition, increases your vitality and relaxes. Taking a regular shiatsu treatment makes that you can take a slap.